Holocaust lesson murdered one third of Jewish

Holocaust lesson murdered one third of Jewish

Holocaust lesson murdered one third of Jewish community jcc

The ultimate Holocaust lesson that tortured and sadistically murdered one-third of the world’s Jewish community jcc from 1940 to 1945 (when the death of one in ten members of a human group was once considered an irreparable catastrophe), as well as ten Millions of Russians, a million Poles, Gypsies and all opponents of the Nazi regime, is the urgent need to respect the human being, of any origin, color or religion, and to avoid forever the repetition of a similar tragedy.

For evil to thrive, the indifference of honest people who suffers from apathy fails to show their disapproval of criminal acts.

Events such as the massacre between Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda, or the Pol Pot killings against their own people in Cambodia, should be avoided forever. If we know that something infamous is happening, we have a duty to report it and do everything we can to end it.

Prejudices can lead to horrors and infinite misfortune, especially when they are taught from infancy to children. I will only mention two cases that, if they make us laugh today, caused a lot of damage in their time. In ancient times the Phoenician merchants regarded the early Greeks as hopeless savages, as they adorned their foreheads with deer horns to hunt, and were so foolish! Which copied the Phoenician alphabet backwards from left to right.

The Phoenicians disappeared while the Greeks created a brilliant civilization, the basis of our Western culture. When he conquered England, Julius Caesar wrote that angels were mentally weak, for what could be expected of tall, fair-haired and blue-eyed beings? This prejudice only declined when a Pope of the Catholic Church saw angles in the slave market, and said that instead of angles, they should be called angels.

The prejudices that gave rise to so many nefarious events lasted 2000 years against the Jews; They are reproached until today to consider themselves as the chosen people, made wrong, since the priests only said this to the people in order to serve as an example and transmit the spiritual values ​​to the world. The Jewish people have also been slandered, accusing him of deicide.

Jesus Christ, who died as a Jew and prayed in Hebrew at age 33 on the cross, was the victim of a punishment inflicted by the Romans to punish modest people for the most insignificant reasons; For example, a maid who had stolen a loaf in the kitchen.

Western history has not reported that upon entering Jerusalem in 70 CE, the Roman general Tito had a 50,000-cross jungle planted in which the Romans crucified 50,000 children, women, and elders. And to think that Mozart wrote an opera called “The Clemency of Titus”!

The ethic and moral collapse of Roman society partly gave rise to the search for more solid moral and spiritual values ​​than those offered by paganism. They then turned to Christianity and Judaism. In order to confront Jewish competition, Christian writers such as St. John Chrysostom and St. Augustine resorted to contempt for all Hebrew, claiming that the Jews brought to others the principles they were unable to understand.

This tendency was reinforced at the end of antiquity when Catholicism became the official religion of the Roman Empire. The dilemma for the Romans then consisted in worshiping a god that they themselves had crucified. They found it essential to find a scapegoat, for which they found it easy to accuse the Jewish people.

During the Middle Ages the Jews were accused of usurers, since the Roman Catholic Church excluded them from all professions and trades and only allowed them to lend money, an office forbidden to Christians. Despite what is said, when a Jew lent money to alleviate illness or extreme poverty, the Talmud did not allow him to charge interest.

The ethic and moral of the Jewish religion is to sympathize with the suffering of others regardless of their origin, to try to alleviate it and share the benefits and scientific and technological discoveries with all, even their own enemies. I will mention as an example the case of doctors Sabin and Salk, discoverers of the vaccine against childhood poliomyelitis, vaccine that saved so many millions of children from death or serious permanent injuries.

Science and religion teach us that man tends to distrust the “other”, alien to his family, social environment or religion, due to a prejudice that starts from a very primitive fear. Only education can overcome these instincts that arise from the darkest strata of the human subconscious. That is why it is essential to banish from childhood all the irrational hatreds that still remain in the world and not allow contempt for any human being, since all deserve respect.

We must act, therefore, so that both sacrifice and pain have not been in vain and for all peoples to understand that at present, when the human being has succeeded, through his intelligence, to place men on the Moon and send spaceships to Other planets, recourse to violence is the most monstrous and aberrant to solve the inevitable divergences that arise in the development of the peoples that inhabit the Earth, and that we all learn finally to live or, at least, to coexist in peace.