The Kaddish, hymn jewish Aramaic

The Kaddish, hymn jewish Aramaic

The Kaddish, hymn jewish Aramaic

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The Kaddish is the Aramaic doxological hymn that is recited in the synagogue at the end of important sections of worship and has become the prayer par excellence in memory of the dead.


The Kaddish, hymn jewish Aramaic, this prayer is very old, although it has undergone remarkable development over the centuries. The first paragraph is probably prior to the destruction of the second temple, since the text does not mention the hope of its reconstruction.

The response of the congregation is a paraphrase of Ps. 113, 2 and corresponds to that used in the Temple but not recited in the prayers, but at the end of aggic expositions. The teacher said it in dismissing the messianic hopes.

From ancient times a certain mystical power was attributed to the congregation. The Talmud says that “Since the destruction of the Temple, the world was sustained by the Kedusha of the liturgy and the yahá sham-rabba (resting of the Kaddish) of the agadic discourse” (Sounds 49a). Prayer was added in the ordinary language (Aramaic) for the sanctification of the name of Gd (Yitgadal ve-yitkadash, Ezekiel 38:23) and by the coming of the celestial kingdom.

Also the Lord’s Prayer of Christians contains similar elements, indicating the antiquity of the Kaddish.


Translation of The Kaddish, hymn jewish Aramaic

Exalted and sanctified be the name of Gd, in the world that He created according to His will. Arrive his kingdom, germinate salvation and approach the arrival of the anointed. (Amen.)

In your life, and in our days and in the lives of all the people of Israel, soon and in near time (Amen.)

Blessed forever be the name of God great, blessed, praised, glorified, exalted, exalted, magnified and praised be his holy name. (Amen.)

Above all the blessings, songs, praises and consolations that are said in the world. (Amen.)

Come from heaven great peace and long life, abundance, salvation, consolation, liberation, health, redemption, forgiveness, atonement and spacious freedom be a guarantee for us and for all Israel. (Amen.)

He who establishes heavenly harmony, let peace reign among us and between all Israel. (Amen.)