What do Jews believe. Can one convert Judaism

What do Jews believe. Can one convert Judaism

What do Jews believe. Can one convert Judaism ?

What do Jews believe ?

This question is complicated but recurrent in people who are unfamiliar with Judaism. Judaism has no dogma, no formal set of beliefs that one “must” have to be a Jew.

In Judaism, works and identity have greater weight in order to define beliefs. However, if we could state what the Jews believe in, we would have to refer to the definition of monotheism: Jews believe in one God, who is not divided into persons or entities, eternal, omnipresent and omnipotent.

It is correct to refer to Judaism as a religion, but one can begin to understand that Judaism does not have formal compulsory beliefs. A good idea that can be answered in what the Jews believe is the Decalogue (found in the book of Exodus), the Shema Israel (found in Deuteronomy 6: 4), the 13 Principles of Faith and 613 Mitzvot, the last two having been written by Maimonides. (Note: these concepts will be explained in later articles.)

It is important to mention that none of the above are prayers, but affirmations of faith, although they are not called “creeds”. The Jews do not have a formal “Credo” because they know that they believe in one God and that there is no other one outside of him, therefore it is unnecessary a formal credo that shows one believes in one God and not another, when there is no other . In all accounts, if one wants to know what the Jews believe in, it is in the one God that exists.

Can one convert Judaism ?

Conversion is possible but not easy. Faith is the best guide.

Conversion is a very controversial subject. The answer is that giur or conversion is possible, but it must be borne in mind that to convert to Judaism not only requires a great statement of faith, but the persistence and strength to go through an arduous and progressive process culminating in The adoption of a new faith, a new culture, a new and very special religion, a new identity.

This theme should not be thought lightly, but must go through a great meditation and analysis of its motives, causes and consequences consequences. In addition, you must take into account how long the process requires. Regarding this, it can be said that it involves three to five years on average, much study in traditions, history, traditions and Jewish liturgy.

The ritual of conversion culminates in a ritual along with a commitment made by the individual to the rabbis after going through an examination done by them to indicate that one is ready. The process takes place in Israel, and it is the orthodox rabbinate who controls all conversions.

The subject of conversion is even a problem for Judaism itself. Although it is clear that conversion is possible even for the most orthodox sectors, conversion requirements are a matter of controversy and disagreement among different rabbinical groups. Thus we see how orthodox rabbis usually do not accept the conversions made by the liberal movements, who believe that they do not meet all the requirements for rabbinical conversion.

Liberal rabbis, on the other hand, do generally accept a conversion under less arduous standards. The result is seen in an attack on the unity of the Jewish people, since liberal converts can not marry Orthodox Jews, as Orthodox rabbis prohibit mixed marriages.

In Judaism converts are accepted and cherished

The most important thing to know when starting this process is that the conversion must be motivated by a strong sincere conviction, not by social interests, much less economic. The purpose is to become a sincere Jew.